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> The best thing would probably be to download all the packages from the 
> directory

Unfortunatly that directory is also incomplete.  As I am going through building Gnome 1.4 from there at this very moment.  There are a lot of packages that depend on unstable libaries as well (at the moment I need libole2 to compile gnumeric).  Gnome-vfs was probably the hardest one to compile becuase the list of dependices is huge... it requires one thing, but that one thing requires two more things and those two require something completely different...  Oh and finding OAF... that was the hardest part... it isn't listed on Freshmeat or sourceforge, I had to go to google to find it... and the bonobo web page is no help with telling you where to find the libaries it requires... there is a major problem with telling the user what each package needs to be built.

As for Xiamin Gnome, I don't want to go into that, so don't bring it up.

[ Ok... Rant Complete ]

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