Re: Change default desktop - or "clone" existing desktop?

glynn foster sun com (2001-07-09 at 2221.12 +0100):
> 	Anyway, difficult/impossible for 1.4 - doable for 2.0
> 		[I would think anyway]

As temporal solution, nuke the config after each logout, and always
use --failsafe option of gnome-session, that way in each login the
users will get <prefix>/share/gnome/default.session. Now the problem
is finding the default config for each item... damn. Back to the older
solution. :[

> > We want to set up a number of X terminals connected to a Linux server
> > running Gnome 1.4.  We need individual logins for mail access, but want
> > to be able to give each user a simplified desktop setup.  We tried using
> > cp -R to copy all files from the home directory of a user configured the
> > way we want to a new user.  (We remembered to change to ownership of all
> > the copied files.)  Gnome did not recognize the copied configuration.

Did you tried the sed (or perl) magic? You have to change the config
files, cos GNOME does not know what $USER or $HOME are, it converts
them to values, thus making not only copies, but NFS mounting, hard
tasks. IIRC someone posted a small script for that, and if you are
assembling the kiosks, you should be able to do it anyway. Also,
Ximian Doorman does some tricks in the area, get the source and read
the scripts, you could adapt it to your needs.


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