Re: Change default desktop - or "clone" existing desktop?

Hum, I'm willing to go out on the limb to say that this is definitely
a requirement for 2.0 and I would love to see this in place. AFAIK
this is already been done with the panel in so far as the sys admin
can lock down the configuration whenever he/she wants - and then it 
is just a case of coming up with the right configuration to reduce 
damage :)
	Anyway, difficult/impossible for 1.4 - doable for 2.0
		[I would think anyway]

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

"Stuart D. Gathman" wrote:
> We want to set up a number of X terminals connected to a Linux server
> running Gnome 1.4.  We need individual logins for mail access, but want
> to be able to give each user a simplified desktop setup.  We tried using
> cp -R to copy all files from the home directory of a user configured the
> way we want to a new user.  (We remembered to change to ownership of all
> the copied files.)  Gnome did not recognize the copied configuration.
> How can we copy desktop setups?  If this is not possible, how can we
> change the default desktop?
> <flame resistant suit>
> Finally, can we disable or hide access to desktop configuration for
> users so configured?  This is a "kiosk" mode with logins, and user
> support is a big problem if the menu options and buttons are not exactly
> as we configured them.  We are talking non-computer-literate users.
> ("OK, now look for a picture of a footprint.  See it?  Good.  Now press
> the left mouse button.  Do you see the line that says programs?  OK, now
> move the mouse .....")
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