Re: Cannot login to gnome after RH7 upgrade

Thank you, John, for your reply.

I'm afraid I don't understand, or this is more fouled up than I thought.

I have tried this with multiple users (even created a new user just for this
test), and all have the same results.  When I try to log in, I don't see a
place to click for login on the password screen.  So I held CTRL/SHIFT while
pressing ENTER on the password display.  No change (no dialog box appears).
I have three options (Default, Failsafe, Gnome) on the "Session" menu...
none of these seems to make a difference.  Any other suggestions?

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> You may want to try resetting session management.  After typing in
> password, BEFORE enter/login, press and hold control and shift, while
> clicking login/enter.  You'll get a dialog box with two options, start
> default programs, reset all user settings.  Try them in that order.
> John

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