Shortcut to an application / Language support?


Sorry for this first question, as it is obviously not a thing of
Gnome, but I wonder how to make a link to an application. I installed
an application called Pingus (game, actually) into /usr/games/. From
there, I tried to make a shortcut to it with ln -s
/usr/games/pingus/pingus pingusstart. Well, the file did land into the
current folder, but I am unable to start it from the desktop. If I
make a new launcher on the desktop and either refer to the location of
the pingusstart or /usr/games/pingus/pingus it does nothing. I thought
I could do this by making a new shell script with #!/bin/sh as the
first line and putting /usr/games/pingus/pingus as the second, and
do chmod +x on it, but it did not do the trick either. Can you help?

Another issue of mine is that I want my brothers to type in Russian
in text applications while working in English, but I don't know how to
set up Russian as the second language. I use RedHat 7 with the
appropriate version of Gnome (I think it's 1.2 something, but I am not
sure). Does anyone have experience with other language installation
other than English? I guess RedHat 7 has packages for this, but I
couldn't find anything in their help files.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,


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