Re: Cannot login to gnome after RH7 upgrade

You may want to try resetting session management.  After typing in
password, BEFORE enter/login, press and hold control and shift, while
clicking login/enter.  You'll get a dialog box with two options, start
default programs, reset all user settings.  Try them in that order.

On 01/28/01, 08:49:13PM -0500, Dennis Lovelady wrote:
> Hello.
> I recently upgraded my RedHat 6.2 system to 7.0.  Since that time, I cannot
> log in to gnome.  I get the login display, enter my userid and password...
> the screen goes blank for a moment, then returns to the login display.  I do
> not find any error messages in my home directory.  I am at a loss as to what
> might cause this.
> Have gone through Xconfigurator again to make sure the hardware is all OK
> (it is).
> If I do:
>     init 1
>     init 3
>     startx &
> then gnome will start, with me already logged in (!)
> Any ideas at all?
> Thanks!
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John P. Verel
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