Re: lost my lilo boot! help! :((((


It depends on your distribution but a lot allow you to boot one of teh
install CDs as a rescue disk. Check your manuals but basically you get
to some point in the boot from the CD and then specify its a rescue and
tell it which volume should be mounted as root. Some distributions just
boot a rescue disk which is a cut down linux right of teh CD then you
can mount your root volume etc manually and rerun lilo (remeber that you
will have to tell lilo what the offset from the normal root point is
when you do it this way, For example /etc/lilo.conf may now be in
/mnt/mydrive/etc/lilo.conf during rescue and you tell lilo to ignore the
/mnt/mydrive bit).

Good luck


PS if all else fails download one of the floppy based distributions 
nd use that as a rescue disk.

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 08:11:33AM -0800, Sandeep Hundal wrote:
> Hi All!
> sorry for the not gnome specific question, but im in a huge fix :( 
> bacially i was trying to change the lilo boot, and by mistake i used
> linux conf to change the drive that it boots into. i didnt change
> linux.conf though. 
> anyway, now when i boot my computer it just says "Lil-" instead of
> "lilo: "  :(((
> Is there any way I can bypass the lilo boot and get into windows or /
> and windows so i can backup data from both or rectify the
> situation???

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