Problem with Evolution 0.8 and Feature proposition


I've got a real annoying problem with Evolution. When typing an email
message, the cursor is way ahead of the end of the line. When the cursor
has reached the end of the screen, i only typed halfway?? This is really
weird. Editing a message is really a mess, because i can't see where the
cursor really is....

Also i would like to see these features in evolution:

-> Being able to create Vritual Folders anywhere on the filesystem
(especially mail/contacts), I would like to see all information on a
subject in it's own directory. Now i have normal data in a directory,
email is a VFolder, and URL-bookmarks in Mozilla. I'm hoping on nautilus
to solve the bookmarks problem... 
But i would also to be albe to store all mail of for example the Gnome
List is a directory gnome, maybe in a certain file. When double clicking
this file it would open the message list of evolution (integration of
Nautilus/evolution). I don't think it can be that hard, because it's all
corbatized.. Not an expert however. Same goes for Contacts. Some
contacts belong to certain subjects (like GnomeList, Programmers, Work,
When running the main window i would like to be able to see all of those

-> Being able to print a whole week from the calendar as a day is
printed, so not all appointments below eachother, but rather how each
day is filled with appointments

-> Off course: Email filters (i'm sure they're planned)

-> Being able to store identifiers of online presence programs (ICQ,
AIM, etc) and maybe being able to communicate with them from evolution.

I think this would be ready handy. I've worked with Evolution for some
time now. And i've used Outlook (i had to, they forced me ;-)). But i
think these features will lift evolution above outlook...

Also can i contribute to evolution and if yes how. Maybe i'll implement
these features partly myself...

Jeroen Benckhuijsen

Software Engineer
Phoenix Software

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