Window List with Gnome and Sawfish

Here is my number one problem with using Gnome and Sawfish (and
I really think its a Sawfish issue).  I can't get a list of windows
accessed from the keyboard.  What I want is the following
1) Press Ctrl-Esc (it could be any key combination)
2) Window List pop up listing all my windows for my current desktop
3) Use the arrow and enter keys to select which window I want
to be my current window.

Other Window managers do this like fvwm.  Is this possible with Gnome
and Sawfish?  I have RedHat 7.0.  Thanks for any help you can give me.
Todd V. Rovito
rovitotv stargt com
Carpe Aptenodytes! ================ "Seize the Penguins!" 

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