Re: cronosII mail client for Gnome

And Erich Zigler <needo superhero org> gave word to the following thoughts:

EZ>This is a very good client. Though if you are looking to run it on an OS
EZ>other then Linux be prepared for a battle. 

Hmmm, Evolution *indeed* is a great client which is getting more and more
stable (useable) with every new release they do... but... somehow I got rid
of it again some time ago since I am not sure if the idea of having *all*
those things (huge address book, scheduler, messaging system, to-do-list
and so on) in one single program, which is IMHO more or less opposite to
the unix idea of having things done with small tools which are implementing
exactly *one* special task (and are fixed to do this one in a perfect
manner). Facing the fact that there already are some great applications for
GNOME getting some of those tasks done (like, the gnome address book itself
is pretty fine, and there are loads of working and useable mail clients),
in my eyes it would have been better to stick them all together and have a
system of loosely connected programs doing the same which now is doing one
big program (evolution). but probably that's just my point of view. :))

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