Re: cronosII mail client for Gnome

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 12:21:39PM +0000, Kristian Rink wrote:

> GNOME getting some of those tasks done (like, the gnome address book itself
> is pretty fine, and there are loads of working and useable mail clients),
> in my eyes it would have been better to stick them all together and have a
> system of loosely connected programs doing the same which now is doing one
> big program (evolution). but probably that's just my point of view. :))

I usually stay out of such conversations, because they quickly descend into
the whole "If you don't like how this and that is done, write a new one/send
me a patch." I do enjoy Evolution, I used it at the office for quite awhile.
I actually had my partners comment on how my performance had improved. 

But as Evolution progressed through the releases it began to not work on my
OS of choice FreeBSD. (Disclaimer: This is not a play for an advocacy
discussion of either FreeBSD or Linux, so please if you feel the need reply
to me directly or take it to the proper forum.) And I went about my way.

Yet I have had the time to help the maintainer of /usr/ports/mail/evolution
fix the problems, so I cannot complain that loudly. 

Erich Zigler 

We the Unwilling, led by the Unknowing, are doing the Impossible for the 

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