Re: cronosII mail client for Gnome

And David McGlone <dmcglone ameritech net> gave word to the following

DM>can anyone recomend a good GUI mail client for Gnome?

Not what I would call GNOME-compliant since it's a project aimed to *only*
use GTK+ with the intention of running outside GNOME and also having a nice
performance on machines with not so much ressources to spend in a desktop
environment: Sylpheed, which you'll find @

I'm quite pleased with its performance so far, since it's without problems
sorting a couple of high-volume mailing lists each day (of course I could
use procmail, but... ;)) ), handles several mail accounts (my ISP, GMX,
university and few others) including several SMTP hosts and has some other
interesting features. Using it now for about two months and it's *very*
reliable. :))


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