Re: cronosII mail client for Gnome

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 12:21:39PM +0000, Kristian Rink wrote:
> Hmmm, Evolution *indeed* is a great client which is getting more and more
> stable (useable) with every new release they do... but... somehow I got rid
> of it again some time ago since I am not sure if the idea of having *all*
> those things (huge address book, scheduler, messaging system, to-do-list
> and so on) in one single program, which is IMHO more or less opposite to
> the unix idea of having things done with small tools which are implementing
> exactly *one* special task (and are fixed to do this one in a perfect
> manner). Facing the fact that there already are some great applications for
> GNOME getting some of those tasks done (like, the gnome address book itself
> is pretty fine, and there are loads of working and useable mail clients),
> in my eyes it would have been better to stick them all together and have a
> system of loosely connected programs doing the same which now is doing one
> big program (evolution). but probably that's just my point of view. :))

The great part is, Evolution actually isn't one giant program.
Evolution is actually implemented using bonobo, so that each major
component of Evolution (addressbook, Calender, Mail, ...) is
implemented as a separate process.

These components can be reused in other programs, giving users access
to their single addressbook no matter what program they're using, etc.

I think you'll find this is quite in fitting with the Unix mentality.

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