Re: Why are we not one people?

on 2/15/01 2:03 AM, Rob Brown-Bayliss at rob ZOOstation cc wrote:

> a) Their tool bar icons don't look like GNOMe icons!  Serious, this is a
> major part of the next GNOME release, it looks like some thing seperate.

The icons are themeable and there's a theme that looks just like the rest of
the GNOME icons.

> b) Why does NAutilus have it's own mine types!

The old MIME type control panel (data that was used *only* by gmc) is being
replaced by a new version of that control panel, that unfortunately uses the
name "nautilus" in the current version (being fixed for the next GNOME 1.4
beta). The name "nautilus" shouldn't be in the new panel.

> And why cant I browse to other directries for my Nautilus icons!

I think you're talking about a bug in the old gmc MIME control panel which
would allow you to select an icon from any directory, but that icon would
not actually be used in gmc.

    -- Darin

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