Re: The future of gnome-pim - and Balsa, too?

On 2001.08.13 10:58 christophe barbé wrote:
> Le jeu, 09 aoû 2001 19:01:28, Adam Tauno Williams a écrit :
> > >With Evolution 1.0 soon to be realeased, I'm a bit concerned about the
> > >future of other GNOME applications that implement some of its
> > >functionality, mainly the Calender and Address Book, but to a certain
> > >extent Balsa, too.
> > 
> > First,  I am a very happy Evolution user.  Evolution FINALLY plugs a
> > HUGE hole in the Linux application suite,  the calendering etc...
> > actually can interact with other e-mail platforms (cough, Outlook,
> > cough).
> > 
> Balsa start nearly in one second.
> Evolution need a few minutes (all tested flavour).
... and starts zillons of processes ...
> Evoltion doesn't like procmail.
> Evolution can't handle big mailbox (subscribe to the linux kernel ml for
> a
> few weeks and see).
Unfortunately, Balsa also has problems with these. At least, opening them
takes forever for some of my "mailing list" boxes, which also (combined
with another bug, really) means that I can't really use the "Check" is
quite unusable to me. ;-( I'm using IMAP, though...

> Evolution is nice for ex-window users but should not kill others MUA, ...
I agree. My main objection to Evolution is as I indicated earlier that it
tries to handle several different tasks that I don't think belong in the
same application - and its developers seem unable to give any good
arguments against this. I know the answer to the question about why exactly
these tasks were integrated, of course, it is simply "because Microsoft did
it", but I don't think that's a good answer. This touches on another
concern I have about GNOME: I think that too much time is spent on
emulating MS Windows behaviour. Why? Aren't we all using Linux/Unix because
Windows is crap???

Having said that, I really appreciate the fact that the different types of
functionality in Evolution are split into different reusable components.
Maybe some of the good bits ought to be integrated into Balsa?
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