Re: Graphical login

Jean-Raymond Chauviere cetelem fr (2000-09-21 at 0753.25 +0200):
> If you don't want a service as starting in graphical mode :

The init system varies even more, not only in dirs. RH, for example,
does not use a /etc/init.d/FOO (future settings, to meet LSB rules,
original was /etc/rc.d/init.d/FOO) file to launch ?DM (via symlinks in
/etc/init.d/rc?.d/). RH launches ?DM from /etc/inittab, and to avoid
problems about what desktop to luanch it launches /etc/X11/prefdm
-nodaemon, no the ?DM per se.

Conclusion: when deciding what to launch at some level, you have to
look at the rc?.d dirs and inittab.


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