Re: Shutdown Gnome from shell ?

robp binsons com (2000-09-21 at 0936.04 -0400):
> You can use CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE from anywhere, and this will log you out
> of your current session.

Not the best choice, cos it kills the X server. From my experience,
that is not recommendable with GNOME, cos in next restart you can have
temp files arround and GNOME will do stupid things.

Look how many mails about people having problems with improper total
shutdowns or X terminations and the problems they had after that.
Ooh, yes, not very hard, just always backup .gnome and if you have
problems use it plus killing all X / GNOME related files you find in
/tmp (including hidden ones). Pretty friendly. ;]

I will never recommend that with GNOME, not until it worked perfectly
every time. When I used FVWM2 it was doable, the only file it used was
for errors and nothing more, but not now, now you have lots of files,
and if they are not closed cleanly, you will have problems.

The right solution is that a coder adds a handle-session cmd. The
selection of save-session was pretty bad, IMHO, a handle-session could
do what it does, and more.

It could be handle-session with parameters:
-a --ask : for pop up (ask what to do, save and / or close)
-s --save : to save now
-c --close : to terminate
-g --gui : show window with results if applicable ("Session correctly

A simple dialog for the --ask:

What to do with current session?
 X Save now but keep working
 O Terminate without saving
 O Save and terminate
[Yes] [No] [Help]

BTW, if --ask is used plus -s and / or -c, that means what to use as
default for this ocassion (logical, IMO). To add compatibilty with the
log out pop up, add -l --logout to the list and instead of the above
pop up, launch the one you get from the log out entry of the menus
(thus making possible a cmd line or script invoked logout like the
menu one).

It can be a bit complex if people use it wrongly, for example using
the -a pop up when they should use -l (cos it can include halt and
reboot options). But if you are using a cmd with parameters, you
should be responsable to choose the right options.

That is a suggestion from an user. If anybody wants to hack all that
or a similar solution, thanks. If not, we will keep going with the
weird save-session (in my case, never using it cos sometimes I need
close but not save).


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