Re: Graphical login

cmevoli afsa com (2000-09-20 at 1215.38 -0400):
> > > How do I get rid of the graphical login?  I would like to have the shell
> > > and the good ol' startx back again.
> > Check the /etc/inittab file for the default runlevel.
> > id:3:initdefault
> ... change the 3 to 2 in the line above and then, from the shell prompt,
> type  -->  telinit q

Better no. IIRC the LSB says: level 5 for graphical system, 3 for non
graphical multiuser system with network, and 2 for multiuser without
network. Some distros I know follow that rules. I guess he wants
network, I would.

But the "telinit q" is a good suggestion, cos you do not have to
reboot. Some acceptable reasons to reboot: hardware faliure or
upgrade, kernel change... and my favourite "be able to sleep near the
noisy machine". Changing levels is not (you can change level temporaly
with "init number", BTW, the "id" line is just the default after


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