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"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:

> cmevoli afsa com (2000-09-20 at 1215.38 -0400):
> > > > How do I get rid of the graphical login?  I would like to have the shell
> > > > and the good ol' startx back again.
> > > Check the /etc/inittab file for the default runlevel.
> > > id:3:initdefault
> > ... change the 3 to 2 in the line above and then, from the shell prompt,
> > type  -->  telinit q
> Better no. IIRC the LSB says: level 5 for graphical system, 3 for non
> graphical multiuser system with network, and 2 for multiuser without
> network. Some distros I know follow that rules. I guess he wants
> network, I would.
> But the "telinit q" is a good suggestion, cos you do not have to
> reboot. Some acceptable reasons to reboot: hardware faliure or
> upgrade, kernel change... and my favourite "be able to sleep near the
> noisy machine". Changing levels is not (you can change level temporaly
> with "init number", BTW, the "id" line is just the default after
> booting).
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I had the same problem as Fred in the past.  I didn't know the standard
runlevels.  For me (using SUSE 6.3), 3 is the xdm runlevel, 2 for normal (w/
net), and 1 for no network.  I thought they were all the same.

Thanks for the new knowledge about telinit and standard runlevels.

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