Re: [Fwd: broken mime-types]

>>>>> "Yura" == Yura <yura linuxave net> writes:

    Yura> You might try su'ing to root and adding entries by hand to
    Yura> your global mc mime file /usr/share/mime-info/mc.keys, but
    Yura> this will affect the icons and associated apps for every
    Yura> user on your system.  Also, changing the global gmc mime
    Yura> entries doesn't seem to work for some mime types (for some
    Yura> reason my system is ignoring the entries I made for
    Yura> application/pdf and image/x-xfig).

Try copy mc.keys to your "~/.gnome/mime-info/". Then, you can make all
the changes you want.

Carlos García Ingelmo

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