Re: Slow applets

In message <39BFA85A 6D76FD26 linuxave net>, Yura writes:

> I 've played a lot with these themes to find the really fast one.
>Two tricks to quickly determine if the theme is fast:
>1. Click on our "Start Menu" and move the mouse up down though the
>items, watch how fast it goes. Try to do same thing using some crazy
>textured theme and some Notif or somethign theme, you'll see the

One thing everybody should do to speed up this operation on slow machines is to
turn on Panel->Global Preferences...->Miscellaneous->Menu->Keep menus in
memory.  I guess if you're running tight on memory you can leave it off, but it
really helps on my Pentium 75 laptop with 40 MB of memory (a machine certainly
limited by CPU speed, as long as I don't leave netscape running for more than a
few hours).


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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