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> Michael Thomas wrote:
> >                 I did a minimal install from Helixcode the other day on
> >                 top a fresh copy of
> >                 Redhat 6.1
> >                 Now the GNOME mime-types are unable to retain the custom
> >                 icon's associated /w it.
> >                 Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.

In addition, at least on my system (Mandrake 7.1), the GNOME mime types
are also unable to retain what applications are supposed to run them. 
The ~/.gnome/mime-types/user.keys file in my directory has a locale
indicator "[en_US]" before each action line (open, view, icon-filename,
etc).  Erasing this indicator only fixes the problem temporarily, as
soon as you run control-center (I have version 1.2.1 on my system) these
locale indicators return.  It doesn't seem to matter what locale you are
using (I've tried "en" and "POSIX" as well).

You might try su'ing to root and adding entries by hand to your global
mc mime file /usr/share/mime-info/mc.keys, but this will affect the
icons and associated apps for every user on your system.  Also, changing
the global gmc mime entries doesn't seem to work for some mime types
(for some reason my system is ignoring the entries I made for
application/pdf and image/x-xfig).

In my experience, gmc has never handled mime types correctly, whether
you're talking about global settings or user-defined settings.  Maybe
with the integration of Eazel's stuff (Nautilus) and StarDivison/Sun's
StarOffice into GNOME we will see a single mime registry that will make
all these problems go away.

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