Re: X, GNOME, and Debian


Did you try using just ONE processor? Maybe the older X you use doesn't like 

You can try two things. XFree86 4.0.1, but I seem to recall that your S3 card 
won't be supported. Or you can try Linux 2.2.4-test8 or whatever is more 
recent kernel. It will behave totally different towards SMP and the locking 

What seems to happen is that you run into a deadlock. I am in no position to 
guess who's the traitor, but maybe the kernel is more likely for a total 

This is the instructions for doing a completely safe testing.... you don't 
change your existing system in it.

1. Download kernel source.
2. startx with non-Gnome
3. make xconfig
4. configure for your setup.....
5. make bzDisk
6. make modules
7. make modules_install

Reboot from the floppy disk it creates. That way, you leave all the old stuff 
in place. Likely your networking, sound, etc. will break, but you can see if 
Gnome and X work now. If they do, spend the time and configure it so that 
your system works with all of your hardware. 2.4.0-test series is used by 
many and seems to be getting very stable now.


On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Jeffry Smith wrote:
> I installed Debian 2.2 on my home system (a dual PPro with 128MB of
> memory, S3 Trio3D video card w/4MB of memory, IBM POWERDisplay/20
> monitor [1280x1024 60 or 77 Hz, multifrequency], Logitech trackball).
> X works fine (using
> the recommended SVGA server, X version 3.3.6).  However, when I try to
> use GNOME on top of X, the screen disappears into a bunch of little
> stripes, and the keyboard locks up (even alt-ctrl-backspace doesn't
> work).  This was with the GNOME 1.0.53 from Debian.  I installed Helix
> (GNOME 1.2), same problem.  I've done XF86Setup, both putting the
> memory in and letting it probe. I use the IMP/2 selection for the
> trackball, mouse seems to work.
> Happens regardless of windowmanager - sawfish, afterstep, windowmaker.
> Has anyone else seen
> this problem, or have a clue as to why it happens?  Equally important
> as to the why, anyone have a clue as to how to solve it?
> Note, I'm posting to both the debian & gnome lists, as I'm not certain
> where the problem lies.
> jeff
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