X, GNOME, and Debian

I installed Debian 2.2 on my home system (a dual PPro with 128MB of
memory, S3 Trio3D video card w/4MB of memory, IBM POWERDisplay/20
monitor [1280x1024 60 or 77 Hz, multifrequency], Logitech trackball).
X works fine (using
the recommended SVGA server, X version 3.3.6).  However, when I try to
use GNOME on top of X, the screen disappears into a bunch of little
stripes, and the keyboard locks up (even alt-ctrl-backspace doesn't
work).  This was with the GNOME 1.0.53 from Debian.  I installed Helix
(GNOME 1.2), same problem.  I've done XF86Setup, both putting the
memory in and letting it probe. I use the IMP/2 selection for the
trackball, mouse seems to work.  

Happens regardless of windowmanager - sawfish, afterstep, windowmaker.

Has anyone else seen
this problem, or have a clue as to why it happens?  Equally important
as to the why, anyone have a clue as to how to solve it?

Note, I'm posting to both the debian & gnome lists, as I'm not certain
where the problem lies.


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