X, GNOME, and Debian

Thanks to all the suggestions.  Checking .gnome-errors showed that
gnome couldn't find gnome-session.  Ran apt-get install gnome-session,
let it install gnome-session + dependencies, and GNOME came up just
fine.  Don't know why gnome-session didn't install the first time from
the debian CD, but if anyone else has the problem, check

Thanks again

Jeffry Smith      Technical Sales Consultant     Mission Critical Linux
smith missioncriticallinux com   phone:603.930.9739   fax:978.446.9470
Thought for today:  brain fart n. 

 The actual result of a braino, as
   opposed to the mental glitch that is the braino itself.  E.g.,
   typing dir on a Unix box after a session with DOS.

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