Re: Slow applets

> What would you consider a "pixmap theme" (im a little new at this)
> i would love to speed up my computer so should i stick with the
> default
> gnoem and sawfish themes, are there still pretty themes that arent so
> slow.

 I 've played a lot with these themes to find the really fast one.
Two tricks to quickly determine if the theme is fast:
1. Click on our "Start Menu" and move the mouse up down though the
items, watch how fast it goes. Try to do same thing using some crazy
textured theme and some Notif or somethign theme, you'll see the
 2. Second quick trick would be to:
When you in Gnome control center, chaning your theem, there is a button
left to it called "install new theme" - click on it and watch how long
it takes for "File Open" window to draw, ingine themes take some
milisecond to do it, other theme,,,,,you'll see,,,,, :)

 I would reccomend you very cool theme I use myself called "Coolness"
go get it at

 Good luck!

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