Re: Slow applets

"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:

> yura linuxave net (2000-09-13 at 1033.47 -0400):
> [...]
> >  Agree with you here!
> > Who the hell writes those dumb applets? How the **** little applet can eat whole 5 megs of RAM???? This jsut pisses me off. Abi World eats something around 5
> > megs!!
> > I gueess, those applet writers got their hands growing from the wrong place.
> Did you see what is shared and what is real RAM? I lauched it and got
> Size 3572, RSS 3572, Share 2836, in top. About 700KB of real space,
> not 3.5MB. The 2.8MB are libs that apps share.
> The command (under Linux) to detect how your system is going is
> "free", cos you know how much RAM is really in use. IIRC there was a
> doc about this somewhere.

 OK, fine, I see now.,
I did a quick test by adding 2 applets, they actually took 2 extra megs of memory. Well that's not bad, but I still think it's too much for a just a little tiny
program that almost does nothing take whole meg for itself and probably some more in shared libs. Bad programming!

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