Themes (Re: Slow applets)

hobbit aloss ukuu org uk (2000-09-13 at 1658.19 +0100):
> "speeding GNOME up" section: "Engine themes (non-pixmap) themes include
> gtkstep (the default), metal, notif, redmond95, thinice, clean and 
> xenophelia." Any more non-pixmap themes that come with GNOME by default:
> please let me know and I'll add them :) 

IIRC the default is Default, not gtkstep. gtkstep does not come with
gtk-engines RPM, so maybe not in tarball either and only avaliable

Normal observation of examples should be enough to locate most non
pixmap themes (pixmap themes "sing like in opera" most times). And
read of the gtkrc is the final solution. A theme with only gtkrc and
no images is possible a fast theme.

List of themes that are engines and not pixmaps:

- buffy engine (there is no buffy theme per se, look below)
- Metal
- Notif
- Notif2
- Redmond95
- ThinIce
- Default

Derived (aka take one of above and change colors, or combine two of
above engines):

- Basic
- Blue-and-Gray
- CoolIce
- Coolness
- ForestGreen
- Turismo
- Scalpel
- buffyEro (buffy engine)
- buffyIno (buffy engine)
- buffyMagic (buffy engine)
- buffyNess (buffy engine)
- buffyRio (buffy engine)

So you have 18 acceptable themes in the basic package. Then you have
the ones that are at (look for engine kind).
Add your own variations, like my green ThinIce (photos avaliable), so
you have lots of options, IMO.

A quick search at g.t.o gives 28 themes marked as "Engine". You have
to pay attention cos some use images, but with the rules I give, it is
easy to trace what is fast (aka pixmap) and what is not. For example:
Cleanbrushed-Motif uses images, so discard it.

If anybody wants to do a theme builder, I would recommend him (cos I
think it is not avaliable) a nice solution that does not need complex
image operations: show the user all the engines except the pixmap one,
user chooses one and then colors it. I guess lot of people will like
it, it is like MS Windows config tool (but better, you can choose
basic shapes not only colors).

BTW, now that I have read all the theme files: RatsTheme is wrong, bad
paths and such so does not appear in ControlCenter (I will try to find
exactly what is wrong), Scalpel has a file named .gtkrc but not gtkrc
so does not appear either (this problem is just a mv cmd, done here).


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