Re: Slow applets

yura linuxave net (2000-09-13 at 1033.47 -0400):
>  Agree with you here!
> Who the hell writes those dumb applets? How the **** little applet can eat whole 5 megs of RAM???? This jsut pisses me off. Abi World eats something around 5
> megs!!
> I gueess, those applet writers got their hands growing from the wrong place.

Did you see what is shared and what is real RAM? I lauched it and got
Size 3572, RSS 3572, Share 2836, in top. About 700KB of real space,
not 3.5MB. The 2.8MB are libs that apps share.

The command (under Linux) to detect how your system is going is
"free", cos you know how much RAM is really in use. IIRC there was a
doc about this somewhere.

>  Grrrrrrrrrr.................... 
> Same thing about Pixmap themes, only crazy people can work in such a slowliness. On my P2-333 I can't afford myself using one of those cool Pixmap themes. So
> I use some pretty cool "basic" themes, but still, M$ is faster :(

I use a colored ThinIce and is pretty fast... specially since there is
no animations, I work faster than with MS apps, no wait time.


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