Re: better name for gtk+

  Are you using a pixmap theme? I have no speed problems with gtk+ on my
200Mhz-MMX 32Mb machine. Of course using a pixmap theme with this machine
will make it a little dificult to work well (or at least what I think it
  The same I think of Enlightenment, it's pretty, have a lot of good
features, ..., but it works slow on my machine. Using Sawfish make it run
like hell :-), and have all the features I need, no more, no less (more or
  If you have a "slow" machine you should consider not running all those
nice panel applets with those useless features (do you realy need to know
the weather?, for example). Applets use memory more than CPU time, but
this is important too. It does not matter how fast is your CPU if it have
to switch pages to disk all the time.
  Don't know if this is your problem but a friend of mine once told me he
couldn't believe how fast my computer was. He couldn't understand how he,
having a PII-300 32Mb, run gnome slower than me. Of couse he was using a
pixmap theme (looked great of course) and six or seven useless applets,
like gnome-weather which uses up to 5Mb of RAM.


On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Yura wrote:

> lcazalea wrote:
> > Is the name Gt better than name Gtk+? I think Gtk+ is tedious. Is it possible to change Gkt+ to Gt ? I believe more people will appreciate this name :-) .
>  I bet, what more people will appreciate is when Gtk+ will become a bit faster.,
> Name? Who cares about the name.......?
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