RE: Evolution discussion

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Poletti, Don wrote:

> 1) To get Linux onto corporate desktop an outlook replacement
> is needed. If evolution fits this need I will be asking the
> IT department to overwrite my NT with Linux. 
> 2) Some of the other features are e-mail related. The 
> mechanism for scheduling a meeting is to e-mail out the
> meeting notices and the clients software recognizes these
> e-mails and updates the calendar accordingly. Similar if your
> boss uses the task feature to assign and track tasks.
> 3) Non-technical people prefer to have similar needs grouped
> into one program. Although this goes against tradition Unix
> standards. Its nice to have a choice between integrated and
> specialized packages.

This sounds more like a replacement for MS Exchange than just
the outlook frontend. Has anyone else heard anything more recently
about the "Trademail" Linux/UNIX/Exchange client server link thing

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