RE: Evolution discussion

I use outlook at work. So here's why I think evolution's
approach is a good one. Not great but good since it doesn't
do anything particularly new, except for virtual folders maybe.

1) To get Linux onto corporate desktop an outlook replacement
is needed. If evolution fits this need I will be asking the
IT department to overwrite my NT with Linux. 

2) Some of the other features are e-mail related. The 
mechanism for scheduling a meeting is to e-mail out the
meeting notices and the clients software recognizes these
e-mails and updates the calendar accordingly. Similar if your
boss uses the task feature to assign and track tasks.

3) Non-technical people prefer to have similar needs grouped
into one program. Although this goes against tradition Unix
standards. Its nice to have a choice between integrated and
specialized packages.

I'm looking forward to uses evolution/Galeon for me e-mail and
web needs. Now if I could just get Galeon to download I'd
be set.

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> Hi Everybuddy.
> I just installed evolution (from rpms on rpmfind from helix). 
>  I had several
> problems with using it, but I realize that's why they call it 
> 'alpha'.  
> I was wondering about the design of evolution.  IMHO it is 
> better to have
> separate programs handling the separate responsibilities of 
> e-mail, addresses, and a
> calendar.  I would like to know why Evolution is instead 
> following the Microsoft
> example of making a large complicated program that is supposed to do
> everything.  
> I'm not trying to start a flame war here.  I just want to 
> start an informative
> discussion for the purpose of learning and improving our software.  
> (BTW, I *hated* Star Office because it tried to do virtually 
> everything with
> one massive and cumbersume gui)
> Thanks for your time.
> -D
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