Re: Evolution discussion

D-Man <dsh8290 rit edu> writes:

> As for point #2, I agree that that is a nice feature.  However, is
> there a reason the separate calendar program can't send e-mails?
> Especially if there is a library that allows the client to create a
> message w/o knowing the rules for formatting a message.

This type of functionality is planned for Evolution; Jesse Pavel is
working on iTIP/iMIP support right now.  We will do scheduling
requests via mail messages, and in the future we will implement some
kind of server daemon for real-time scheduling.

> How about providing 2 different interfaces:  one that follows the
> current non-techie-preferred style and one that splits up the
> different features for those who prefer separate uis/apps for
> different things.

Evolution is made out of Bonobo components.  You are free to embed the
GUI controls into little programs in you wish.


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