Re: galeon is not connecting to localhost

olaf gruettner wrote:
> hi there,
> I tried galeon for the last week or so, when I type http://localhost/
> it says "user has stopped the connection" or something like this and
> then calls some Netcape site.
> Rather strange, isnīt it?

The answer to these questions are probably all "yes," but have you
checked that you do in fact have a localhost entry in your /etc/hosts
file?  Also, if you type "netstat -tia" in an xterm, does it show an
"lo" interface?  Finally, if you type "route -n" does it show that (or 127.something with the proper netmask) is using the "lo"
interface?  What happens when you ping localhost?

I'm in the middle of reading Kirch & Dawson's Network Admin book, so I
have this stuff on the brain right now.

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