Re: newbie question: desktop bigger than monitor?

Sounds to me like an X issue, if I understand the problem correctly.
Open your XF86Config file and go to the "Screen" section. If you add a

Virtual 1280 1024

in the section for the X server you're using (such as SVGA), it should
fix the problem.

There's a useful little piece on virtual resolutions at


Don Gourley wrote:
> I'm just starting with Linux on my desktop (although I've worked with it
> on servers for some time) and I don't even know if this is a Gnome
> question or a window manager one, but I can't seem to get my desktop to
> fit the size of my monitor.  I have 1 desktop defined with a virtual
> desktop size of 1x1 screens in Enlightenment but the actual desktop is
> about 320x180 pixels larger than the 1280x1024 display.  Where should I
> look to fix this?...its driving me crazy.
> For what its worth, I have Red Hat 6.1 which came with Enlightenment
> 0.15.5-41 and I updated the Gnome packages to the October Gnome (e.g.
> gnome-core-1.0.54-2).
> thanks,
> -Don
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