Re: gdm and SuSE 6.3


look in /sbin/init.d/rc2.d and /sbin/init.d/rc3.d for scripts that are only
linked in rc2.d.
AFAIK gdm isn't started in runlevel 3, but possibly there is a script in
runlevel 2 who sets up the keyboard or whatever.
I'm using SuSE 6.1 and don't know the problem, but maybe that helps.


At 22:19 24.03.2000 +0100, Klaus Dahlke wrote:
>Hi there,
>I have a somewhat weird problem to get the gdm running on SuSE 6.3. The 
>gdm 1.x. from the SuSE 6.3 I didn't manage to run, so I updated to 
>gdm2.0beta and updated to PAM 0.72. I configured the console login via 
>yast to kdm and rebootet the machine, then kdm starts and with gnome as 
>the Windomanger I got gnome. Then, I changed in the rc.config the 
>DISPLAYMANAGER to gdm and did a reboot. GDM starts with the greeter, but 
>the greeter does not accept any keybord strokes. Doubleklick on a face 
>will copy the user's name into the login field and the greeter moves on 
>to the password, but no keyboard strokes are accepted.
>After that I changed only the default run level to 2, i.e. ascii login. 
>After reboot and login as root (ascii mode) and issuing the command 
>'init 3' (switching to X11 login), gdm starts and shows the greeter. But 
>now, the greeter accepts keyboard strokes and I can login as a regular 
>user. I tried several settings and prcdures, the result is always as 
>follows: having default run level = 3 gdm doesnot react to keyboard 
>strokes (xdm and kdm do), switching manually as root from run level 2 to 
>runlevel 3, gdm reacts to keyboard strokes. 
>Any hints how to solve the problem?
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