gdm and SuSE 6.3

Hi there,

I have a somewhat weird problem to get the gdm running on SuSE 6.3. The 
gdm 1.x. from the SuSE 6.3 I didn't manage to run, so I updated to 
gdm2.0beta and updated to PAM 0.72. I configured the console login via 
yast to kdm and rebootet the machine, then kdm starts and with gnome as 
the Windomanger I got gnome. Then, I changed in the rc.config the 
DISPLAYMANAGER to gdm and did a reboot. GDM starts with the greeter, but 
the greeter does not accept any keybord strokes. Doubleklick on a face 
will copy the user's name into the login field and the greeter moves on 
to the password, but no keyboard strokes are accepted.

After that I changed only the default run level to 2, i.e. ascii login. 
After reboot and login as root (ascii mode) and issuing the command 
'init 3' (switching to X11 login), gdm starts and shows the greeter. But 
now, the greeter accepts keyboard strokes and I can login as a regular 
user. I tried several settings and prcdures, the result is always as 
follows: having default run level = 3 gdm doesnot react to keyboard 
strokes (xdm and kdm do), switching manually as root from run level 2 to 
runlevel 3, gdm reacts to keyboard strokes. 

Any hints how to solve the problem?


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