Re: gdm and SuSE 6.3

Here is what I've done to get gdm 2.0b4 working on a standard SuSE 6.3:

1. install gdm (I used "configure --prefix=/opt/gnome")
2. add a group "gdm" to your system and a user "gdm" who belongs to that
group (you can use YaST to do that)
3. chown gdm.gdm /opt/gnome/var/gdm
4. copy the file /etc/pam.d/xdm to a file called gdm in that same directory

Finally, you can edit /sbin/SuSEconfig to allow gdm to be installed as your
display manager from inside YaST.
Change the line:
    kdm|KDM|xdm|XDM) INITRL=3;;
    gdm|GDM|kdm|KDM|xdm|XDM) INITRL=3;;

To make everything complete, you can edit /etc/rc.config to display gdm as
one of the options for the DISPLAYMANAGER setting. This is what I've in my

    # Here you can set the default Display manager (kdm/gdm/xdm/console).

This should be enough.
I hope it works for you too. (For earlier versions of SuSE you should make
modifications to other startup files too, e-mail me for info on this.)

By the way, there's one thing I had to change on my system to get Gnome
games working without problems with SuSE 6.3.
The high score files are stored in /var/games, but the installation expects
them in /var/lib/games. I used a soft link from /var/lib/games to /var/games
to remedy this.

May the force be with you,

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