Re: Child menu stability

> On 16-Mar-2000 Bob McClure Jr wrote:
> > I have a problem with Gnome's menus.  The most irritating behavior is
> > that, when going to a child menu, you must precisely trace your way from
> > the parent menu item to the child menu or you will wind up on some other
> > child menu.  

On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 03:55:04PM -0500 or thereabouts, Amar S. Bhatti
> I would definitely agree with Bob, it is kinda irritating to keep the mouse
> pointer at the exact location otherwise one ends u with the jumping menus,
> specially when i am using a laptop with the nipple pointer, it is very hard 

The GNOME menus are handled by GTK+. That's currently at stable version 
1.2 but there is a development version floating around which will one day 
become 1.4. At GUADEC there was a talk about gtk+ 1.4 and likely things 
which will be in it. I failed to understand practically all of it, but I 
did hear something about menus, which I think was that it will be easier 
not to get lost on accidental mouse movements. (It wasn't this 'click
on a menu and it'll stay there' thing which I snipped from the original
comments: it was more about not having to be so precise in moving your 

Some future version of GNOME will be using GTK 1.4. The roadmap for
different libraries and stuff (subject to change, dates _definitely_ 
subject to change, contents may settle without notice, do not erect
in high windows, etc etc) was mentioned on gnotices a while ago and 
lives at


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