RE: Child menu stability

Yes Folks,

I would definitely agree with Bob, it is kinda irritating to keep the mouse
pointer at the exact location otherwise one ends u with the jumping menus,
specially when i am using a laptop with the nipple pointer, it is very hard to
keep the mouse pointer at the exact location. I would agree with the idea that
the user should be given option to click on the parent menu-item to keep the
submenu stable.

my two cents,

On 16-Mar-2000 Bob McClure Jr wrote:
> I've been running Linux for a long time, using window managers FVWM,
> FVWM2, and now AfterStep.  I've played around a bit with Gnome, both
> with Enlightenment and with AfterStep.  I've gone back to plain old AS
> without Gnome.
> I have a problem with Gnome's menus.  The most irritating behavior is
> that, when going to a child menu, you must precisely trace your way from
> the parent menu item to the child menu or you will wind up on some other
> child menu.  It's a very Windoze-ish behavior.  In AfterStep (and
> Netscape, and FVWM*), if you click on the parent menu item the child
> menu stays posted regardless of where the cursor goes.  Is there any way
> to configure Gnome to behave that way?
> Thanks,
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