Child menu stability

I've been running Linux for a long time, using window managers FVWM,
FVWM2, and now AfterStep.  I've played around a bit with Gnome, both
with Enlightenment and with AfterStep.  I've gone back to plain old AS
without Gnome.

I have a problem with Gnome's menus.  The most irritating behavior is
that, when going to a child menu, you must precisely trace your way from
the parent menu item to the child menu or you will wind up on some other
child menu.  It's a very Windoze-ish behavior.  In AfterStep (and
Netscape, and FVWM*), if you click on the parent menu item the child
menu stays posted regardless of where the cursor goes.  Is there any way
to configure Gnome to behave that way?

Bob McClure, Jr.            |
Bobcat Open Systems, Inc.   | Linux: The Ultimate NT Service Pack |

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