Re: Helix Desktop first release and default "open in terminal"terminal

On Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 08:15:06PM -0700 or thereabouts, Warren Young wrote:
> > 
> > Right, and my second question.  I am quite a fan of Gnome-Terminal.  FOr
> > some reason though, whenever I set anything to launch "In a Terminal", it
> > bring up this acient looking terminal with a wierd scroll bar on the left
> > hand side and seemingly no customisation options.  I want to use the one
> What program is it that's offering this "launch in a terminal" option? 
> Any Gnome program should launch gnome-terminal for you.  Sounds like
> you're using some non-Gnome thing like IceWM's launcher, or XFM, or
> something odd like that.

It's the panel launcher stuff. If you set up a launcher, one of the
options on "Launcher properties" is "run in terminal". For some reason
this starts up an x-term. I put this in the bug-tracker and I think it
was going to be changed to gnome-terminal. I hope so. :) 

What I do to get around it is that instead of this in the "Launcher
properties window":

Name: Lynx
Comment: Lynx
Command: lynx http://(wherever)
Type: Application

Icon: (picture of a lynx)	x run in terminal

(which has the "run in terminal" option checked and starts lynx in an
xterm), I do:

Name: Lynx  
Comment: Lynx  
Command: gnome-terminal --title=Lynx --command="lynx http://(wherever)"
Type: Application

Icon: (picture of a lynx)	. run in terminal

And that starts it in a gnome-terminal.

Note that lynx has to be in some kind of terminal. If you don't have
a terminal for it, it runs in the virtual console you typed 'startx'
in, and things get very silly. I got two of them running there once :)
This also applies to some other programs that people might want to
put in launchers: ncftp wants a terminal, for example. I can't think 
of others off-hand. 


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