RE: [Chat] KDE/GNOME main lacks, accordingly to an italian magazine

> The writer of the leading article of an italian magazine 
> devoted to Linux,
> spotted these two main lacks in the current Linux desktop 
> world (KDE and
> 1) A GUI-based installation tool equivalent to InstallShield and Wise
Linux already has RPM (red hat package manager) and there are several 
other that do the same thing. RPM is already superior to InstallShield
and Wise. It could use a slightly higher level install and a common
GUI would be great for novices. The problem is that there are different 
package managers, Not to mention that linux runs on different processors.
Before a common GUI could be written a common package manager would have
to be decided upon. I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Most project
are package manager agnostic because no one will say my project only
works with red hat or whatever their favorite PM is.

> 2) An integrated, uniform, printing/plotting support like the 
> one supplied
> by Windows via the device context for printing.
This is an obvious need and therefore many people are working on it. 
Unfortunately many people are working on it. This means there will
be different solutions. I know there is the gnome-print subsystem, I 
assume that KDE also has one. Then there are a couple that don't 
depend on X windows. I really wish that GNOME and KDE would agree
apon a non X common printing system. Then it would have a chance at 
being the standard.

> Does anybody knows of projects aimed to fill these gaps?
> Do you agree with the article writer?
> There are other relevant lacks in KDE/GNOME, in your opinion?
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