Re: [Chat] KDE/GNOME main lacks, accordingly to an italian magazine

Alessandro Bottoni <> writes:

> 2) An integrated, uniform, printing/plotting support like the one supplied
> by Windows via the device context for printing.

This has a few different aspects:

* Applications generating print jobs.  KDE and GNOME are both working
  on this for their respective toolkits.  This is a good thing imho,
  since apps can then use the same toolkit they use to display to
  generate print jobs.

* Applications querying printer capabilities and setting options (what
  paper tray, what resolution, etc).  Both CUPS and the Corel printing
  library are working on this.  CUPS more from the backend of allowing
  a print queue to let apps know what features are available, Corel
  from app end but usable with different spoolers.  I don't know which
  way will win in the end....

* Stuff getting spooled, converted, and sent to the printer.  Ie,
  print drivers and spooling.  CUPS is one project which works on this
  (including being able to distribute drivers with easy installation).

There's an Open Source Printing project on sourceforge somewhere you
can look for more info.

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