Re: Still having panel problems

On 13 Mar, Brennan W Stehling wrote:
> I had a problem just like this.  I have a box running FreeBSD with Gnome
> and Enlightenment.  When I was setting it up for me and my two brothers to
> use I noticed the panel would not start up.  I found that in the /tmp
> directory it was leaving orbit folders with cookies.  I am not sure why
> they were left or why that was a problem but I solved it be deleting after
> ending a gnome session.  Depending on your X config, you can do something
> like...
> .xinitrc
> ---
> exec gnome-session
> rm -rf /temp/orbit-*
> ---
> That worked for me, but may be different for you.  I am puzzled why those
> files would conflict with eachother, but that seemed to be the reason for
> the problem.

A better (read: safer) way to do this would be to use the command

rm /tmp/orbit-${LOGNAME}/orb-*

as this would only purge the current user's orbit files. Granted, this
isn't as much of an issue on a single-user system, but to my way of
thinking, it's better to develop good habits early. ;-)

Truly paranoid^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hastute sysadmins would use /bin/rm to
ensure that the system rm command hasn't been supplanted by another.

If these weren't 0-byte files, I'd probably even go so far as to use a
find command to purge only the oldest files and run it weekly from cron.


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