Re: allow root for xscreensaver? wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get xscreensaver to accept the root password for
> normal user xscreensaver sessions? The lab that I work in has a real problem
> with people locking machines and then going on vacations. Ctrl-Alt-Back'ing
> their X session is really not a very good option tho. I've played with the
> xscreensaver Xresource *lock but that doesn't appear to work. I'm running the
> xscreensaver from RH 6.1. I'd appreciate any advice. :)

On sun we have xlock, but the problem is the same if the -allowroot was
From an other workstation, I do :
rlogin locked_station -l root
ps -ef | grep xlock # xsreensaver for you
kill -9 $XLOCK_PID

Use a station not so far from the locked !

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