Re: Is there a way to get out of gmc hangs?

Toralf Lund wrote:
> Yes, yes. I knew about all this, of course. My question was how to  _avoid_
> killing gmc. The hangs I described are a bit to frequent, at least if you work
> in a networked environment, for 'kill' to be an acceptable solution. If don't
> know what I mean, try opening a FTP URL to a server outside your local
> network...

Ah, this is a known "feature" -- gmc is not really hanging here.  It
will eventually connect to the other server (or fail trying after 60
seconds or so).

The problem is that gmc is single-threaded: while it's doing one thing,
it cannot do other things (such as responding to mouse clicks within its
own UI).  The Nautilus shell which will replace gmc will fix this
problem.  In the meantime, best to just use a separate app for slow
operations like connecting to slow FTP servers.  Some separate FTP
programs are Gnome-aware, so you can still do drag-and-drop with them. 
You don't lose much...

There's no way to fix gmc or to abort just the slow FTP operation.  No
way, that is, outside of making the shell multithreaded, which as I said
is already in progress.
= Warren -- ICBM Address: 36.8274040 N, 108.0204086 W, alt. 1714m

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