RE: Is there a way to get out of gmc hangs?

>If your using Linux I suggest your press CTRL-F2 (or F3,F4,F5,F6) this
>will switch you to another virtual console. From there log in
>do a "ps -ef | grep gmc" and kill gmc. This might not be enough though
>because I doubt that gmc can lockup all of gnome. Ussually this
>means the window manger or the X server has crashed or hung. So
>you'll probably have to kill one of those too. To get back to your
>original console press CTRL-F1

Wrong. It is CTRL+ALT+Fx to change virtual console, not CTRL alone. If you
are in text mode you can use ALT alone, but the best is to use always CTRL
and ALT (more keys to press but only one combo to remember). Advice: release
all keys and the press, cos X is not able to detect an already pressed key
when switching, you must release and then press.

Normally (typical installs, you can configure it as you want) X session is
in VC7, so to switch to text mode F1-6, and F7 to go back to X. You can have
more than one X session, programs in other VCs, etc. I think there is a
HOWTO about all this VC things.


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