Re: Is there a way to get out of gmc hangs?

"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:

> >If your using Linux I suggest your press CTRL-F2 (or F3,F4,F5,F6) this
> >will switch you to another virtual console. From there log in
> >do a "ps -ef | grep gmc" and kill gmc. This might not be enough though
> >because I doubt that gmc can lockup all of gnome. Ussually this
> >means the window manger or the X server has crashed or hung. So
> >you'll probably have to kill one of those too. To get back to your
> >original console press CTRL-F1
> Wrong. It is CTRL+ALT+Fx to change virtual console, not CTRL alone. If you
> are in text mode you can use ALT alone, but the best is to use always CTRL
> and ALT (more keys to press but only one combo to remember). Advice: release
> all keys and the press, cos X is not able to detect an already pressed key
> when switching, you must release and then press.
> Normally (typical installs, you can configure it as you want) X session is
> in VC7, so to switch to text mode F1-6, and F7 to go back to X. You can have
> more than one X session, programs in other VCs, etc. I think there is a
> HOWTO about all this VC things.

Yes, yes. I knew about all this, of course. My question was how to  _avoid_
killing gmc. The hangs I described are a bit to frequent, at least if you work
in a networked environment, for 'kill' to be an acceptable solution. If don't
know what I mean, try opening a FTP URL to a server outside your local

- Toralf

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