Re: Helix RPMs a bit "large"

"Paul E. Johnson" wrote:
> Andres Rodriguez wrote:
> >
> > I've noticed that Helix Code packages are much bigger than normal RPMs
> > (e.g. gnome-core almost double). What are the significant differences that
> > justify this size increment?
> >
> I noticed the same thing. I found they are compiled with debugging
> symbols in there, so if things crash you can actually get a good
> backtrace.
> If you don't want to bother with that, you can retrieve some disk space
> by stripping the binaries.  I found no efficient way to do that, but if
> you do
> ls -la /usr/bin
> you can guess which bigger ones are helix and do
> strip filename

Here's one way to automatically strip only the gnome-core packages:

# rpm -ql gnome-core |grep '^/usr/bin' | xargs strip

I didn't test it, but that command line is close to the Right Thing. 
Tweak as necessary.

This is why we like Unix.  :)
= Warren -- ICBM Address: 36.8274040 N, 108.0204086 W, alt. 1714m

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